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3D Printing

MPI offers clients access to rapid prototyping technologies with the industry expertise to help make your idea a reality.

MPI leverages its polymer science and rapid prototyping expertise in a closely integrated service offering by providing a one-stop solution to help you move quickly through your innovation process. Whether you have just the beginnings of an idea, need to re-engineer an existing product, or duplicate a commercial part, MPI’s rapid prototyping service has you covered.

MPI specializes in industrial design, 3D printing, and laser scanning to help make your idea become reality.

For more information or questions on 3D printing, call us at 601.266.4607 or email us.

Industrial Design- CAD

MPI’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) services offer the first step towards making your idea a reality. Closely integrated with our laser scanning and 3D printing services, MPI uses various CAD packages (Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor) to create CAD files to support any point of the product process, whether you’re just generating an idea or duplicating an existing piece.

With over 23 years of CAD experience, MPI helps your idea become a reality through the creation of custom 3D part files for your prototype, which can then be used for development, prints or patent applications.



  • One Stop Solution: We have seamless integration of CAD file creation, laser scanning, inspection, and prototyping to help you move quickly through your product process.

  • Laser Scanning: MPI can create a 3D file by scanning an existing part.

  • Part Inspection: MPI can compare 3D CAD designs against a 3D scan file.

3D Printing


3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping / Additive Manufacturing is one of the most rapidly changing markets of today.  MPI’s workhorse 3D printer is the Objet 350 Connex printer, a reliable and flexible medium format UV-cure system technology, that gives you the freedom to realize your full design intent.  MPI helps to get your product faster, especially when your design has multiple, integrated materials with complex geometries.


  • Multi-Modulus Parts: Print rigid and flexible sections in the same part.

  • Multiple Colors in One Part: Print different colors on the same part; works great with text on a part.

  • Over 100 different materials are available, from clear to opaque and rigid to flexible, we have your application needs covered.

  • Large Print Area: 13.4 x 13.4 x 7.9 inches - Larger parts can either be scaled down or assembled together after printing.

  • High Accuracy: 16 micron print layers.

  • High Speed: Typically, parts can be printed within a few hours.

  • Thin Walls: Print walls as thin as 0.024 inches.

  • File Input: STL files, but others can be converted by our specialists.

  • Bulk Quantities: Process is cost-efficient in large quantities.

  • Mass Customization: One of the most cost efficient means to make several different, or customized parts in one print.

Laser Scanning

Create 3D files by laser scanning: MPI’s fully integrated service suite enables creation of obsolete parts, precise reverse-engineering, CAD modification, assessment of equipment alignment, first article inspections, and online QC and automation.

  • NVision MobileScan® Fixed Scanner

  • FARO Laser and Tracker

    • +/- 0.0016 inch volumetric

    • High accuracy

    • Portable

    • Complex and Large Components