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Process Development

Identifying the right process or identifying a process improvement is critical for ensuring or improving your product performance, quality and bottom line.  This can be particularly challenging for start-ups and established companies know that process improvement is a continuous activity that doesn’t always have dedicated staffing.


“Is this product better suited for single-screw extrusion, twin-screw extrusion, two roll mill, or Banbury mixer?”

“Will a simple mixing tank suffice or do I need additional ports, capabilities, controls?”

“I’ve demonstrated this at lab scale. Now I need to scale up to at least 50 gallon batches. Where do I start? I don’t have a place to do this.”

“My commercial process is producing a newly ‘market’ defined defect and I need a process solution to remain competitive.”


These are a few of the process development areas where MPI can assist. Call today to discuss your needs.

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