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MPI offers impartial, full service, third-party testing services backed by ISO17025 accreditation for 

troubleshooting, quality assurance, method development, and other investigatory determinations. MPI’s robust analytical capabilities, cutting-edge instrumentation, and expert quality management system deliver test results with complete confidence. Areas of expertise include standardized tests, 

physical, mechanical, analytical, thermal, accelerated degradation, specialized and custom testing. MPI can assist with issues stemming from raw materials, processing, damage, failures and beyond. Our services are customizable to fit your needs. 


MPI provides a one-stop solution to help you move quickly on your parts needs by specializing in CAD design, laser scanning, and 3D printing. 

Over 100 different materials are available, from clear to opaque and rigid to flexible. 

Whether you have just the beginnings of an idea or need to duplicate an existing product, our polymer expertise and 3D printing capabilities can deliver products quickly. 


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MPI has been an active workforce development partner since 1993, training thousands of employees for hundreds of Mississippi companies. We are committed to providing your employees with the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities for your company to compete globally.

MPI’s workforce development programs are specifically designed for improved profitability for your corporation. These short courses are developed to provide an operational edge that allows your company to compete globally. The workforce development training is tailored to your specific needs. The training can be conducted on or off site. 

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