Monica Tisack, Ph.D.



Monica has over 19 years of polymer industrial experience with both DuPont and Chemours, and joined MPI in January of 2017. She has global experience in business management and strategy, product and market management, new product development, technical service, and manufacturing trouble shooting.  


Robert Thompson


Assistant Director

Robert has a B.S. in Polymer Science and a MBA. He has more than 25 years experience assisting industrial customers and is the primary customer interface for MPI. He has served as technical service leader and operations manager and is a key contributor to the strategic mission of the Institute. Robert is also a ISO 17025 Lead Assessor and Project Management Professional.  


Ty Posey


Senior Scientist and Workforce Development Leader

Ty has a B.S. in Polymer Science and a M.S. in Workforce Development. Ty joined MPI in 1997 and has trained thousands of employees for companies of all sizes. He is a NIST-certified instructor for the suite of Lean Manufacturing Courses, a certified plastics instructor, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. His technical areas of expertise include composites manufacturing, polymer processing, CAD, and 3D printing.


Sara Bailey


Laboratory and Quality Manager  

With more than 15 years experience in polymer research and development, Sara's B.S. in Polymer Science has enabled her to become a subject matter expert in the areas of ISO/IEC 17025, material science, analytical and physical testing. Sara's expertise is ASTM testing and method development on a wide range of instrumentation including advanced microscopy techniques. 


   Cece Butts


Analytical Chemist and Safety Leader

Cece has a B.S. in Biology and over 12 years of testing and laboratory experience. Working closely with the School of Polymer Science and Engineering, local start-ups, and corporations, she specializes in biologically active materials. Cece's biological knowledge and analysis expertise is integral to rounding out MPI's technical service offerings and complements her broad knowledge of chemical analytical techniques. 

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LaShonda Moses


Laboratory Technician

LaShonda joined MPI in 2018 with 3 years experience as a Medical Technician and has certification as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist Techician. She works closely with our analytical group and focuses on FTIR and DSC sample prep and testing.

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Business Development Manager

Caitlyne Shirley

Caitlyne has a M.S. in Chemistry,10 years of experience in research and 4 years of experience in lab management. She is an expert in a wide variety of synthetic and analytical techniques and instrumentation. Caitlyne's experience in start-up management and technical know-how are assets to companies wanting to expand their business or solve their problems.

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Product Development Manager

Jeff Burger

Jeff has a B.S. in Polymer Science and an MBA with over 14 years of industrial experience. Jeff joined MPI in 2006. He uses his coatings expertise, synthesis experience, polymer extrusion, and start-up development work to benefit customers looking to develop new products. 


Synthetic Specialist

Taler Dykes

Taler is a 2019 graduate with a B.S. in Polymer Science. His lab experience concentrates on polyol and polyurethane syntheses and optimization of polymerizations by using ReactIR technology.

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Technical and Marketing Representative

Tianli Ren

Tianli has dual M.S. degrees in Polymer Science and in Marketing Analytics. She is experienced with research and development of polymer related products, with particular focus on material property analysis and marketing strategy for new products.

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