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ProducT Development

 Material selection, polymer synthesis, formulation, extrusion/compounding, injection molding, laser scanning, computer aided design (CAD), mold-filling simulation, and 3D printing.

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Design and screen products to achieve your performance needs via small molecule and polymer synthesis.

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  • Glass reactors (25ml to 50 liters)

  • Stainless steel high pressure reactors (up to 5 gallons)

  • (50 - 250 gallons) SS mix tank

Product Formulations

  • coatings

  • personal care products

  • rubbers

  • thermoplastics

  • thermosets

Extrusion / Compounding and Injection Molding

Features of extrusion/compounding:

  • Co-rotating 24mm clam-shell ThermoFisher nitrided D2 extruder

  • Temperatures up to 450  C

  • One main volumetric feed port

  • Three top vent ports

  • Solid, liquid, and powder feed capability

  • Screw element flexibility

  • Three-strand and slit dies

  • Minimum 5 lb batch size

  • 85-ton injection molder

  • Clamp size 

  • Shot size

  • Various ASTM molds

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Injection mold flow simulation

Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, and Inventor CAD packages


Laser Scanning as an ancillary design capability:

  • NVision MobileScan, FARO Laser and Tracker

  • +/- 0.0016 inch volumetric precision

  • Portable

  • Scan complex and large components


Additive Manufacturing

(3D Printing) 

  • ​Objet Connex 350 UV Cure

  • Multi-Modulus material capability: chemically integrate rigid and flexible sections

  • Many materials and colors

  • Medium to large format parts

  • High resolution

  • Mass customization in one production run

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