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MPI’s Polymer Synthesis Capabilities 2024


New to 2024!

Grant initiatives for graphene and clean energy applications


Waterborne polymerization processes

Waterborne acrylic or vinyl emulsions

Polyurethane dispersions

Suspension polymers, styrenic

Alkali swellable emulsions (ASE thickeners)


Water dispersible or reducible polymerization processes

Water reducible polyesters and alkyds

Water reducible acrylics

Water reducible acrylic modified polyesters and alkyds


High solids or UV technology polymerizations

Alkyds and polyesters, low molecular weight as cross linkers

Solution acrylics and vinyl acrylics

UV acrylates including urethane and epoxy


Solventborne polymerization processes

Fluorinated acrylics

Acrylic modified polyesters and alkyds



Specialty polymerizations

Poly aryl ether ketone, PEEK

Urea-formaldehyde resins in alcohols

Urethane thickeners (HEUR type)


Polylactic acid


Other synthesis processes

Epoxy monomers from epichlorohydrin

Body-ing oxidizable oils

Glycerin esters

Paper coating insolubilizers (cross linkers)


Process conditions

Atmospheric or pressure

Inert atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, etc.)

Impeller or blade mixing

Temperature up to 300 °C

Temperature down to -10 °C

Sizes from 100 mL to 5 gallons

Glass or stainless steel vessels


MPI approaches a developmental project in a cyclical manner with customer input and feedback.

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